Fashion tips


Emerald: The world’s most popular green gem

When it comes to the jewelry world, colored gems are considered to be luxurious due to their unique characteristics. The three crown jewels are known to be sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Of the three crown jewels, the gem has a reputation for bringing about new beginnings and hope. It is considered to be the perfect […]

Beauty tip: how to straighten your hair without a straightener?

We all wish we had straight, silky hair, don’t we? However, by dint of a series of brushing, the hair fibre becomes more fragile. And this can cause irreparable damage over the years. But are there solutions to straighten your hair without using iron? Of course! Of course! We will give you some miraculous tips. […]

How to wear your sneakers properly?

We all love sneakers because they are very comfortable. So, no matter the occasion, they are preferred to other types of shoes. But how to wear them correctly without becoming extravagant? The editorial staff gives you all the keys to stay chic and beautiful in all circumstances! Sneakers, how to make the right choice? Wherever […]

How to choose your jewellery according to your morphology?

Jewellery is an essential fashion accessory. To make them stand out, they should be chosen according to your personality, your taste, your clothing style, but above all your morphology. The editorial team gives you some advice on how to make the right choice. The earring, to enhance her face Fashion jewellery can indeed bring a […]

How to wear women’s skinny jeans according to their morphology?

The slim has been replaced by the skinny, this very tight type of jeans that is very popular with women, because it enhances all shapes. Nevertheless, it is essential to make the right choice to avoid the opposite effect. Here are our tips to choose your skinny jeans according to your morphology. Morpho in V […]

Fashion Tips: some fashion tips to dress up well

Because everyone is unique, indeed, each person has their own style of dress. Nevertheless, it would be necessary to respect certain rules in order not to fall into extravagance and to be at the top all year round. Knowing how to dress is quite an art! And the more you feel better about yourself, the […]

Purchase of good quality men’s suits: which address to choose in Brussels

Dressing well is not always easy, especially at large events. It is then necessary to find trendy clothes but above all clothes in which you feel comfortable. When we talk about men’s suits, it’s even more complicated, and many people choose old-fashioned pieces, or worse, that don’t suit their morphology. There are several ways to […]

How to be eco-responsible in the type of clothing you wear?

According to studies, fashion clothing is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Fortunately, this can be remedied by adopting a more responsible style. This starts from the purchase of the outfit to its maintenance. Buying clothes more responsibly Clothing is one of the biggest expenses for women, and for some men. However, […]

Thrifts store online: sell your second-hand clothes

Selling clothes that you no longer wear or those you have bought but never really wear is a trendy practice. Several Internet sites have specialized in this activity, they collect second-hand clothes, offer them for sale which allows their owner to make some money from them. Online thrift stores offer all kinds of textiles and […]

Sexy clothes for women: which dresses to choose?

Aiming to attract attention by enhancing the silhouette, sexy outfits must be chosen carefully to avoid vulgarity. With the many online stores, it is possible to find a variety of items to quickly order and receive appropriate clothing at the place you are going. Advantages of buying sexy clothes online With the rise of the […]