How to wear women’s skinny jeans according to their morphology?

The slim has been replaced by the skinny, this very tight type of jeans that is very popular with women, because it enhances all shapes. Nevertheless, it is essential to make the right choice to avoid the opposite effect. Here are our tips to choose your skinny jeans according to your morphology.

Morpho in V or H?

The boyfriend jean, regular and girlfriend can be adapted to all body types. Which is not the case with skinny jeans. Nevertheless, it can be chosen according to its type of morphology. With a V-shaped morphology, it would be better to turn to the normal or low waist skinny. This way, you will have a more rounded butt. Your advantage? You can wear any type of shoes, wedges, flat or stiletto heels. For those with an H-shaped morphology, choose low rise models. And finally, those with plump buttocks can choose a normal size.

Morpho in X, morpho in A or morpho in 0

Women who have an X-shape are lucky. Yes, most clothing styles, including skinny are adapted to their bodies. It is therefore possible to turn to the skinny in high, medium or low size, according to their desires and tastes. To refine the silhouette, combine it with heel shoes. However, with an A-shaped morpho, it would be more difficult to choose the outfit that suits you best. To hide the bottom, you should wear tops that hide your hips at least. For example, you can put on a tunic and flat sandals and that's it! For round women, skinny jeans are to be avoided. Why? Why? Because it will accentuate all curves. Prefer the girlfriend or the boyfriend jean instead.

Little advice!

Since skinny is an extra tight jean, tight tops should be avoided. However, it should always be kept in mind that you should harmonize your shape. If, for example, you have an H-shape, do not wear a top that is too wide. If you have an A shape, you can opt for a high XXL... Buy skinny jeans that fit your size if you don't want to see bulges appear. If you have a few curves and still want to wear very tight jeans, prefer a black skinny.

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