How to wear your sneakers properly?

We all love sneakers because they are very comfortable. So, no matter the occasion, they are preferred to other types of shoes. But how to wear them correctly without becoming extravagant? The editorial staff gives you all the keys to stay chic and beautiful in all circumstances!

Sneakers, how to make the right choice?

Wherever you go, you will find a whole bunch of basketball shoes models. Of course, you should choose according to your taste and style. Colour is also important, because it can enhance your look of the day: white, red, pink, black... In any case, the advantage of sneakers is that you can wear them with any outfit. All you have to do is make the right choice. Obviously, it is no longer to have a casual or street style that we wear sneakers. They can be combined with classic styles and even with evening dresses. You're not convinced? Look at the stars. They dare to show themselves with styles that are more authentic than ever and that make them even more elegant. For a more classic look, you can opt for a pair of white women's basketball with a sexy dress for example.

Which model to choose?

Of course, not every type of basketball shoe can be worn with any outfit. Here are some sneakers that could very well find their place in your wardrobe: The white low converse (they are timeless, and they are the shoes to have absolutely in his collection), the thin and colourful sneakers (they adapt perfectly to all types of styles) .... Nevertheless, it would still be necessary to think about harmonizing the colours High (for better support) or low (the most popular and popular ranges) sneakers The material: sneakers can be made of leather, mesh, fabric...

What to wear with sneakers?

Jeans pants, we all know they go very well with basketball shoes, right? The ideal would be to opt for a slim with holes or a curved jean for a combo look!!!! The sportwear dress, the long or short summer dress and the denim skirt with a pair of white women's basketball also give a great look. For more effect, add a denim jacket! In addition, there are also other styles of clothing that can be combined with sneakers such as mini shorts, straight coats, tunic shorts, slim-fitted shirts... In winter, you can combine them with tights, leggings or sweater dresses. Try high heels for a style that is out of the ordinary.

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