Here are some details on the use of semi-precious stones

First of all, when you receive your stones, it is imperative to purify them before using them. Attention: do not wear the stones night and day, they too need to rest and regenerate. Except of course for sleeping stones, you can wear several stones together, if you feel any incompatibilities, you will have to try them one by one to determine the one or more stones that do not suit you. Check for more about natural stones jewellery. You must wear them until the symptom disappears (often the stone leaves you on its own). You can wear them as a pendant, bracelet or in your pocket, the stones act on your energy body. The stones can be applied to the chakras to treat certain specificities but this type of care is the responsibility of a specialist.

How to clean and purify my stones

Crystals absorb energies, which allow us to feel protected and energized as we seek to achieve our intentions that we fix with our crystal or crystal jewellery. Keeping the crystals clean ensures that they continue to emit high vibrations and releases any negative or stagnant energy from them. There are three simple cleaning methods that we recommend you do at least once a month, but ideally more often if you can. Sage cleaning, cleaning with Palo Santo Wood or the use of cleaning crystals or rock crystal geodes are effective ways to clean your crystals.

The Sage

Sage has been used as a common cleaning process for some time, as it is the fastest way to release negative energy not only from an object, but also from its environment. You may have heard about the process of purifying your home with sage, which is travelling from room to room and spreading smoke in the corners of the house where you feel the most negativity. Sage cleaning is powerful enough to require only that your stones be in the smoke for three to four minutes. To clean your jewellery, hold it over the smoke and you will notice that it vibrates subtly. When they stop moving, you know your jewellery is cleaned. Our sage is ideal for cleaning your stones, jewelry and house they will again be ready to emit positive energy and protect from negative energies.

Palo Santo

If you prefer to find another method of cleaning with smoke, Palo Santo Wood is also effective for cleaning stones. Palo Santo is a tree native to South America and has been burned by the Incas, Shamans and other indigenous peoples as a means of providing medicinal and therapeutic power. In terms of cleaning your crystals and jewellery, you would do exactly what you did with sage, allowing the crystals to bathe in Palo Santo smoke. Palo Santo Wood can also be used to help clear your mind and heart when you visualize your intentions.

Cleaning crystals

It may seem strange to clean crystals with crystals, but it is really one of the best cleaning methods available, especially if you want to clean your crystals more often. Place your crystals or jewellery on a clear crystal, such as quartz or selenite. They can dissipate different types of negative energy from the body and mind, which your crystals absorb when used. When you place your crystals and jewellery on the Selenite, you simultaneously clean and amplify their energy. For the ultimate cleaning, keep your crystals and jewellery on your cleaning crystals for at least six hours. When it comes to making the most of your crystals and jewellery, you need to make sure that you are in harmony with them. When you feel they emit less energy, be sure to clean them with one of the methods above! With proper cleaning, you ensure that they radiate the highest possible energy.

Define your intention for your crystals

When you first receive your body and soul crystals, one of the most important components is the determination of intentions. To activate your crystals, sit quietly, holding them in both hands. Breathe the highest white light and then visualize your intention for your crystals. You can also say your intention aloud if you wish. The crystals are listening and ready to bring your intention.

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