Fashion Tips: some fashion tips to dress up well

Because everyone is unique, indeed, each person has their own style of dress. Nevertheless, it would be necessary to respect certain rules in order not to fall into extravagance and to be at the top all year round. Knowing how to dress is quite an art! And the more you feel better about yourself, the more confident you will be.

Choose clothes that fit your size!

That's rule number one. Obviously, when shopping, choose clothes that are appropriate for your size: not too loose or too tight. Some women lie about their waists and buy pants that are too tight to hide their imperfections. On the contrary, these clothes may turn you into a sausage! Then, select your clothing style according to your taste, but also according to your morphology. A trendy dress can be perfect on your friend, but not on you! Fashion tip: Enhance your figure and hide small flaws. Don't buy trendy clothes that will only accentuate your shapes and bulges.

Wear clothes according to your body shape!

There are several types of morphologies: Morpho O: with a generous shape, the ideal would be to wear clothes that will enhance your bust and legs Morpho A: prefer trapeze dresses and tops that will enlarge your shoulders. For the bottom, prefer dark colours Morpho H: you should wear clothes that will bounce your buttocks and highlight your curves. In this way, opt for tight pants such as skinny or slim. Morpho X: you have the ideal shape. Wear tailor-made clothing to enhance your figure Fashion advice: as much as possible, find solutions to hide your faults if you want to be irresistible and have confidence in yourself!

Little advice!

First, you should be comfortable in your clothes and shoes. They must ensure a minimum of comfort. Fashion advice: forget the famous saying "you have to suffer to be beautiful"! Adopt your own style of dress: you can wear dresses, pants, shorts, etc. according to your desires and taste. Wear accessories to make it more effective. But you should choose shapes and colours that fit your morphology No blacker colour! Give way to shimmering and bright colours. Currently, red, yellow, fuchsia and orange are in vogue. And finally, wear clothes that are appropriate for your age.

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