Beauty tip: how to straighten your hair without a straightener?

Published on : 24 September 20193 min reading time

We all wish we had straight, silky hair, don’t we? However, by dint of a series of brushing, the hair fibre becomes more fragile. And this can cause irreparable damage over the years. But are there solutions to straighten your hair without using iron? Of course! Of course! We will give you some miraculous tips.

The cross wrap, to obtain a breath-taking effect!

The cross wrap is a new hair beauty tip that allows you to straighten your hair without having to use an iron. You will need a wide-toothed comb, very thin hair clips and a scarf. First, you should wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Then let it air dry and comb your hair. Make a parting on the side, then wrap the hair around your head and fix the ends. Then, to maintain the hair, cover it with a scarf. Now, get a good night’s sleep. In the morning, remove the scarf and start unravelling your hair while gently removing the clips. Paint each wick gently. And admire the result!!!!! You’ll be surprised. Besides, it works every time!

The kardoune, this exceptional straightening ribbon!

The fashion trend: straight and shiny hair! The kardoune is a traditional ribbon that is used to smooth hair in a spectacular way. It is a beauty tip that is increasingly used worldwide to reduce the use of a smoothing iron. But an old pantyhose can also replace it. The first step is to wash the hair and dry it naturally. Then you brush the hair and tie it in a ponytail. You then wrap the tights around the lengths of the ponytail and don’t forget to tighten them for better results. Once you have reached the bottom of the ponytail, hold the pantyhose with an elastic band. When you wake up, untie the kardoune or pantyhose. You’re going to have very straight hair!

The winding method

It is a good old beauty trick used by our ancestors. To make this method more effective, you would need large curlers. A priori, you should wash your hair and towel dry it. Afterwards, you gradually roll them inwards. All hair must be treated in the same way while following the same movement. Then you pinch the curlers. Finally, you apply a fixing foam to optimize the smoothing effect. Wait a few hours before unrolling them.

Thanks to these three techniques, you can follow the fashion trend and be at the top at any time without using an iron.

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