How to choose your jewellery according to your morphology?

Jewellery is an essential fashion accessory. To make them stand out, they should be chosen according to your personality, your taste, your clothing style, but above all your morphology. The editorial team gives you some advice on how to make the right choice.

The earring, to enhance her face

Fashion jewellery can indeed bring a personal touch to your look of the day. As far as earrings are concerned, they must not have the same shape as the face. So, if you have a rounded face, prefer an oval, triangular or rectangular earring for example. Banish curls that could accentuate the shape of your face. In the case of a square face, avoid angular or square earrings. That's the basic rule. If you want to refine your face, opt for sleepers. In any case, some earrings are suitable for all shapes of face like the small discreet earrings that sublimate those that wear them. In addition, those who wish to extend their necks can turn to the hanging earrings.

The necklace, to decorate his neck!

The necklace is your best ally to enhance your cleavage and bust. Long necklaces with a discreet pendant fit perfectly on round faces, while round and short necklaces are ideal for square or rectangular shapes. If you are rather an imposing woman, the flat models will certainly fit you. However, for a generous silhouette, choose a more massive shape. On the other hand, for fine women, choose simple and discreet costume jewellery. Attention! The length should be determined according to your pace and the size of your neck. Similarly, very short necklaces only go to women with very long necks!

Other points to know!

The colour of the jewellery: for those with a matt or tanned complexion, opt for yellow gold or copper jewellery. For those with fair skin, white gold and silver jewellery will make them chicer. When choosing the colour of the stones, match them with the colour of your eyes or clothing. The outfit of the day: of course, the choice of your jewellery also depends on your style of dress. Fashion jewellery, for example, must not be associated with tailors The ring: those with long, thin fingers can wear almost any ring shape. But for those with rather chubby fingers, it would be better to look at rings that could refine their wrists. Bracelets: avoid tight models In short, choose a model that fits your morphology and will not be too narrow!

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