How to be eco-responsible in the type of clothing you wear?

According to studies, fashion clothing is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Fortunately, this can be remedied by adopting a more responsible style. This starts from the purchase of the outfit to its maintenance.

Buying clothes more responsibly

Clothing is one of the biggest expenses for women, and for some men. However, most of them are rarely, if ever, worn. They end up moulding and not being used. To avoid this waste, it is better to buy responsibly. In other words, only the necessary clothes should be purchased. Similarly, only good quality clothing should be purchased. This will reduce the risk of degradation. To know its quality, you must check certain characteristics. First, look at the label of the outfit. It is often overlooked. However, it indicates several information on the garment such as the percentage of synthetic fibber, its origin... It is also necessary to look at its brand. In this case, favour the responsible brand, i.e. the one that is concerned about ecology and the environment. Then check its finish. It should be free of defects. Its stitching must also be well done, straight and even. Also observe the material of the outfit. Of course, it can vary depending on the type of clothing. Nevertheless, it must be as transparent as possible. In principle, a good quality garment is opaque. Finally, don't forget details such as buttons, locks, hooks, etc. They must be well fixed.

Dress responsibly

To ensure a better effect, you must also dress responsibly. Sort your wardrobe. You probably have a garment that dates back several years, and that you no longer use. Give it to an association or sell it. Today, there are already several sites on which you can sell your second-hand clothes. If not, you can also recycle. Transform your clothes instead of throwing them away or letting them rot in the closet. Also favour the basics. A disadvantage of fashion clothing is that it is constantly evolving. Styles change all the time, even if it means making clothes outdated. Nevertheless, there are some outfits that remain timeless. Examples include jeans, shirts or knit sweaters.

Maintain your clothes properly

It is not enough to buy or recycle clothing, it is also necessary to maintain it properly. Indeed, this action could increase its lifespan. To do this, follow the instructions on the label, such as the temperature of the wash, its ironing or drying method. Similarly, when washing your ethical clothing, use only organic laundry. It is less toxic and therefore more secure. It is also not necessary to wash your clothes regularly. They should only be cleaned when they are dirty, otherwise they can easily be damaged. Finally, try to hang your laundry as much as possible to avoid ironing.

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