What are the outfits that go with the heels?

The famous heels, which of us can do without them? Yes, it is the mark of femininity and seduction. Moreover, they sublimate our silhouette. Moreover, in some cases, they are unavoidable. But which type of heel to choose? And what would be the ideal outfit?

The different types of heel

When it comes to heels shoes, there are different models on the market. Everyone can therefore easily find shoes to wear. We can mention mainly: Small heels, 3 to 5 cm high. While some say they are old-fashioned, they are quite comfortable and easy to wear. In addition, the models are more and more stylish and can be adapted to all tastes Medium heels, between 5 and 10 cm. They have the advantage of making women look more attractive and are also easy to wear. However, the stiletto heels of such a measurement often lack stability High heels, more than 10 cm. If you wear them for a whole day, your back and legs will hurt in the evening. Indeed, they damage feet and can cause acute back pain. Very high heels, with a height of 15 cm and more. They are very popular with small women. The latter two will be perfect for special occasions and are rarely worn, as they are unhealthy.

But what to wear heels with?

Certainly, heels shoes suggest that you are taller and have a thinner silhouette. Unlike sneakers, heels do not go with all clothing styles: Square heels will go very well with a flared or bell dress or skirt. You can wear them daily, because this type of heel ensures better comfort. Compensated heels: you can combine it with wide jeans pants, a dress or a skirt. Compensated boots, for example, give a sexier look with a mini dress! High heels: they fit very well with slim pants and evening wear In any case, you will have the choice between pumps or sandals for a chic and elegant look.

But what kind of shoes to buy?

It all depends on the opportunity. You must have at least in your collection of heels shoes: Boots Court shoes Of boots And sandals

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