The mistakes to avoid for your wedding make-up

Whatever your choice, here are the few mistakes you should not make for your wedding makeup.

Don't over make the cheekbones

The secret of a good wedding makeup is sobriety. In other words, you must go easy on the colours and foundation or risk getting a plastered complexion. Don't overdo it, too much blush won't make you look good. The goal is not to look like a doll, but to correct the few imperfections on the face by using your make-up palette intelligently. So, if you have chosen a pigmented colour, apply it in small quantities, use a pinch even if you must do it several times. If you have already done a test with your beautician and you have been satisfied with the result, trust her for the rest. A professional must know what he is doing

The choice of make-up

A wedding is an event that generates a lot of emotions, it often happens that tears flow with joy. As is often said, prevention is better than cure, use a mascara and a waterproof eyeliner. This will prevent you from running your makeup, so it will last until the end of the evening. In addition, it is recommended to choose discreet lipsticks, because if you choose pink or red colours, they may stain your teeth. It is best to choose a 24-hour long-lasting lipstick with natural tones.

How to prepare the skin?

It is forbidden to overuse UV sessions or put on self-tanner before the wedding on the pretext that you have not had a single moment to take on colours. This may break the harmony with your wedding dress. It will only be necessary to choose the foundation and the concealer carefully. Again, the choice will depend on your complexion and should not be too dark or too light. Regarding the concealer, it must not reveal a light mask around the eyes. To mattify, spread a thin layer of powder on the face.

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