What are the shoe trends during the summer?

Don't know which shoes to choose to go with your outfits? Oh, la la, this summer, you will really have a lot of choices. Whatever your type of clothing, you will probably find shoes at your feet in one of the stores. But what are the trends for 2018?

What are the most popular shoes?

The ballerinas are located at the first lodge. Indeed, this type of shoe is very appreciated, because they match all kinds of outfits. But that's not all! Flat sandals and wedge sandals are also in vogue. Other styles are also added to the list: shoes platforms, spartan, floral printed sneakers, brightly coloured heels, coloured sneakers, two-tone shoes, sleepers, girly boots, thigh boots, nude or eighties pumps, printed sandals, glitter sleepers, coloured sneakers, leopard printed sandals... For a more casual look, succumb to cowboy boots or loafers. In any case, the 2018 shoes will provide you with better comfort than the previous collections. But what will mark the season the most is the arrival of the ultra-high pumps!

But how to choose the right shoes?

Obviously, it all depends on everyone's taste. But with the whole list of collections that will appear, you will certainly find your happiness there. All you must do is match your shoes with your clothes. The flat sandal, for example, can be combined with several clothing styles. In any case, the 2018 shoes shine in all colours. Some of them are designed with glitter, others with pearls....   Of course! Of course! It may be time to review your wardrobe and adapt your new outfits to the trend. For spring-summer 2018, bright colours will be there, whether shorts, dresses, maxis or miniskirts... Whether it is red, purple, orange, yellow..., choose the colour that suits you best, according to the colour of your skin and hair. However, be very careful not to become extravagant.

But where to buy his shoes?

You have several options to buy trendy shoes: Online: in a few clicks, you can find the model of your dreams and validate an order. Some private sales sites offer discounts of up to 70%. So, don't rush into it. Take your time to compare offers before you decide In the shops: you can choose between branded and non-branded shoes. You then must do your shopping in the shop of your choice. To save money and benefit from a significant discount, prefer stores that offer loyalty cards In any case, you will have no trouble finding the right shoes for your needs, whether you are looking for flat sandals, ballerinas, platform sandals, pumps, derbies...

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