Selling clothes online: how to do it?

Your dressing room is full to the brim and it is obvious that you need a certain time to do all the storage. The cupboards are stuffed, the shelves are full and the drawers overflow, so it's high time for you to focus on sorting, and why not, sell your used clothes online. You will have understood this, even if it means classifying the clothes you no longer wear and saving space in your dressing room, put them on sale and make yourself some pocket money for your little pleasures. To do this, you don't need to find a good location to display your old clothes... All you need is a touch of creativity to boost sales, a minimum of time to do a follow-up and good organization. But what you also need is to apply the best online sales strategies to quickly round up your income at the end of the month. Zoom on the 4 essential tips of online clothing sales to make your sales a success with ease.

Selling used clothing online: choose your site or application

Now that digital transformation is on the rise and business techniques are constantly evolving, this is the time to take advantage of the thousand and one offers on the market for selling second-hand clothes online. You have a mountain of fashion items that you no longer wear or that you have decided to put aside, but that take up too much space in your wardrobe, heading for sites and applications intended for online sales! Between mobile applications to be installed directly on smartphones and websites specialising in the sale of second-hand clothing, you are undoubtedly spoilt for choice. However, it is preferable to opt for a system that is used and widespread to sell your items quickly, because you are sure to find as many visitors, prospects and buyers as possible. On the other hand, some websites that are regularly updated and have been on the market for some time are also recommended. is an ideal place to sell your second-hand clothes and take advantage of professional advice at the same time. Finally, you can also opt for regularly updated social networks to offer intuitive options for selling clothes online.

The importance of photos and descriptions to sell your used clothes

Once you have chosen your sales tool, focus on the assets to sell your clothes online more easily. The first reflex you should have is to photograph each of the products you plan to sell. More explicit and objective, the photos allow potential buyers to imagine the product. To do this, beware of photos that can be downloaded from the web. Try to show real photos to avoid any misunderstanding. Nevertheless, you can put all the chances on your side and bet on a nice setting, a beautiful atmosphere, an ideal background and a good camera. In addition to photos, descriptions and captions are essential to sell your clothes online. These short and informative texts will briefly describe one product or another and make it easier for you to buy if your future customers know what to expect. Choose a short caption containing information that might make a person buy it (size, manufacturing fabric, patterns and colours, etc.)

Selling your clothes in cash: what about the price?

You have decided to do a little storage in your dressing room and make a small sum from your sale of second-hand clothes to redo your dressing room? Before planning new purchases, first, review the items you plan to sell. A sorting is essential; classify in one corner the basics, in another the clothes and accessories that can still be trendy and trendy and finally, in another corner the unique pieces as well as those of brand from which you can benefit. It is now time to define your prices, but it is recommended to do so based on precise criteria: - at what price did you find your item? - what is its current value, since you acquired it? - how much do clothes of the same style cost? - Does your application or sales site require payment of a sales percentage? - Do you have to include delivery costs in the price of each item you sell, or do you plan to charge extra fees? Once your criteria have been defined, make sure you offer prices that correspond to the average, i.e. neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Sell your clothes online while being attractive, polite and above all reactive

To sell used clothes online, your best allies will be attraction, politeness and responsiveness. Yes, a beautiful photo and an argumentative description are not always enough to conclude a sale. For this reason, it is recommended to be reachable and connected to the sales tool in order to respond to your buyers in a timely manner. While remaining courteous, answer each of their questions and remember that advice is always welcome. Finally, in addition to attractive prices, offer services that are also attractive, especially in terms of delivery.

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