Lithotherapy: recharging techniques of natural stones

Perhaps you will not use these natural stones immediately. It doesn't matter. It is sometimes necessary to tame energy, either because it is too strong in the immediate term, or because it awakens aspects of your being that are not necessarily easy to approach at the moment. Visit if you are interested in having further more information about natural stone virtues. You can choose the semi-precious stones that attract you without worrying about anything.

Recharging by light

Light is the most universal natural energy, it is present in all living spaces, during the day thanks to the sun and at night thanks to the moon. Some stones, which are damaged by sunlight, must be recharged with moonlight. Other stones simply have a preference for one or the other. It is therefore advisable to check the specialized books to know when to expose your stones.

Heat charging

Indeed, flames and heat are an important source of energy. They are also purifying... through destruction and renewal. We will therefore avoid passing our stones through the fire, which would risk damaging them permanently, and we will content ourselves with keeping them at a safe distance to recharge them by heat... at our own risk and peril all the same.

Reloading by crystalline clusters

There are several stones that form as geodes or clusters. The most common are rock crystal and amethyst, but there are also geodes of Celestine, agate, etc. All these crystal aggregates create an important energetic gathering due to the shape wave of the many crystals gathered. However, the rock crystal is the only neutral that will be used to recharge all crystals. In all other cases the energetic gathering corresponds to the properties of the stone: the amethyst creates an important point of spiritual energy. It can therefore be used to recharge all stones with properties close to its own. However, it should not be used to reload more material stones that would tire on contact with it. Moreover, its energy has nothing to do with the violet flame of St Germain, it does not purify. The clusters can then be placed in the appropriate light to speed up the work.

Recharging by shape waves

In the same way that clusters create an energy gathering, any crystal or stone cut object can be used to recharge. Rock crystal tools are preferred. For example, if you have at least 6 rock crystal points, you can place them in a circle around the stones to be refilled, pointing towards the centre, all in a place bathed in natural light (you can also place them pointing outwards around the glass of water containing the stones to be purified if you have purified them before). Biterminated tips or solids such as icosahedrons or dodecahedra can also be used. All these elements must of course be purified beforehand. It is also possible to use several pyramids on which a glass plate will be placed.

Reloading by symbols or formulas

Just as there are formulas and purification symbols, there are some that channel and condense energy. They should be used in the same way as for purification and the same remarks should be observed.

The programming

Programming consists in giving a role to a stone. This is not something that is done naturally. When you acquire a new stone, the first thing to do is to purify it and recharge it once again. Once this is done, she can be given an explicit task so that her energy does not disperse into the different actions she is able to do. To do this, simply take the stone in hand or place it on the chakra of the 3rd eye and visualize the task entrusted to it while mentally formulating it in the form of a sentence that is repeated several times. A programming is not irreversible; to remove it from a stone it is enough to leave it in purification at least one night in water. In the morning the stone is free of any programming and can be entrusted with another task. Remember to confirm the programming even if it does not change after purification. Depending on the situation, it may or may not be relevant to make a programming. This can prevent the stone from getting tired, and allow it to be recharged less frequently, or erase certain properties to highlight only those that are beneficial to us at the time. It is a way of practicing lithotherapy that starts from the principle that stones are not there to do "what is best for us" but simply to express what they are and radiate their own energy. This is the case for everyone's choices and convictions.

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