Lithotherapy and health stones an ancestral knowledge

Lithotherapy is the therapeutic application of the energy emitted by the stones. Stones have energetic powers that affect our body and mind. Check for more about lithotherapy.

Ancestral knowledge

The therapeutic use of gems is not new. Since the dawn of time, human beings have known how to use their powers to relieve countless ailments or to develop and strengthen their ritual contacts with the invisible forces of the cosmos. Shamans and other "medicine men" have worked extensively with minerals. For all populations close to the earth or keeping the notion of the unity of man with the cosmos, stones, crystals, talismans, were and are commonplace.

Man is vibratory

The universe that surrounds it too, stones and crystals are the relays of this vibration from both the earth and the cosmos. Let yourself, with Lithotherapy; be immersed in the natural, regenerative, revitalizing energy that minerals from the Earth, our planet, provide us. Lithotherapy can help you with many physical and psychological problems: * Optimize your relaxation and meditation sessions * Re-balance the energy system * Depressive states * The pains * Stress * Anguish * Insomnia * Overweight * Physical or intellectual fatigue * Blood circulation * The elimination of toxins * Skin or hair problems * Fight against ageing * Menopause - Andropause - Libido Depending on our needs, weaknesses and desires, each of them can meet our expectations. The energy of the stones acts on three levels: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

How do stones work on man?

Stones and crystals have properties that affect our senses, because they are composed of minerals that are identical to those contained in our body. Researchers have shown the presence of crystals and minerals in the body.

Physico-chemical energy

The energy diffused throughout the energy system is of a physico-chemical nature and works through nerves, tissues and fibres. Thanks to their small but constant flow with the skin, stones correct dysfunctions in the chemical body through their interactions with the body's energy field. 1) By the colour they emit: chromatic vibratory waves. The energy of colour has a strong influence on sensitivity, it conditions physiological functions. 2) By enzymatic reactions: the stones transmit their properties in contact with the epidermis by enzymatic reactions. They diffuse minerals in infinitesimal doses: copper, lithium, silicon, etc. (such as the principle of homeopathy). 3) By piezoelectricity: the quartz necklace will create a frequency phenomenon around the neck, regulating nerve impulses, it eliminates stress and inflammatory problems. There is nothing miraculous or pseudo-magical about it, it is nature that has created these energy reservoirs of stones and crystals, in the same way that it has created plants or water to bring to man what might be necessary for the harmony of his vital functions. All ancient civilizations used stones and crystals.

Essential Knowledge

We are simply rediscovering knowledge that is essential to our physical and psychological health. The minerals found on earth are identical to those found in our bodies. The interaction of the atoms of the crystals and that of our own cells creates an electromagnetic current in the different chakras and auric bodies.

Energy meeting

The vibrations of crystalline energies go against our own vibrations. This cutting-edge therapy is practiced in many countries, particularly through revitalization and cell rejuvenation centres. Stones and crystals will be a source of inner revelation for the well-being of your body and mind. Here are some details on the proper use of stones: * You can wear several stones together, if you feel any incompatibilities you will have to try them one by one to determine the one or more stones that do not suit you. * You must wear them until the symptom disappears (often the stone leaves you on its own) * You can wear them as a pendant or in your pocket, the stones act on your energy body. * Stones can be applied to chakras to treat certain specificities, but this type of care is the responsibility of a specialist. * Attention: do not wear stones at night. * The cleaning is done on heaps of rock crystal or failing that on coarse salt exposed to light for a day and this at least once a week (be careful, do not use this salt for cooking, throw it away at each cleaning) * Quartz and non-porous stones can be cleaned under water for a few minutes every day (do not apply this method with jewellery and pendants)

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