Choice and cleaning of healing stones in lithotherapy

It is good to remind you that the important thing is to open your heart to stones. Trust your intuition and feelings. Do not try to "reason" your choice. Perhaps you would like to own a stone that corresponds to your zodiac sign, but don't limit yourself to this choice alone. Let your deep self-guide you to the stones you need at the moment because of their colour and properties (Visit for more). Take the time to look at them and, among them, there will be one or two that will attract your particular attention: they will be the ones who will need to come to you.

Natural stones’ purification techniques

Salt purification (1h): This technique consists in immersing the stone in a container filled with salt. It is a technique that will tend to attack stones and, although very effective, it can only be applied to stones with a hardness (one of the mineralogy indices that indicate the qualities of a stone) equal to or greater than 7 and that support salt. Purification in a saline solution (2-3h): Instead of plunging the stone directly into the salt, it can be plunged into a saline solution, or in other words a glass of water in which half a teaspoon of salt is dissolved. Distilled or demineralized water (for ironing) should be used so that the stone does not become covered with a deposit of minerals present in the water over time. If you do not have either of the two waters mentioned above, at least make sure that the water you are using is filtered. It is imperative for this type of purification to check in advance if the stone can withstand water and salt of course. Never use water to purify and clean jewellery, necklaces, bracelets and pendants Purification by water (5h): Simpler than purification in saline solution, however, it is slower. Very few stones do not tolerate water, but there are some, such as Celestine or cerusite. So don't forget to check too. Note: For these three purifications it is important to get rid of water or salt after use. Water should not be used for plants and the best thing is for these elements to come out of the house. Remember that they are negatively charged and should not be directly affected. Purification by incense: This is a very light purification that can be done very regularly. We simply pass the stone through the smoke of the incense we are burning by visualizing the energies contained in the stone that fly away with the smoke. Incense being symbolically linked to air, we consider that it is a purification by this element. Purification by sound: Sound is used to drive away evil spirits and energies. We can also use it to purify the crystals. It is a strong and punctual but somewhat violent purification, to be used only if you are in a hurry. To do this, we use a bell with which we go around the stone while making it ring, or a Tibetan bowl in which we place the stone before making it sing. Purification by burial: The most radical purification technique is burial in the ground. This is an exercise to give the stone a second life, so it is only used for stones that are almost lifeless or very negatively charged. The stone is placed underground in a place that is known to be positive (avoid waste disposal areas or chemical deposits), and is left buried for at least a day. However, some stones may need to remain there for several years, and in the case of too damaged stones, it is better to leave them there permanently. Clay Purification: A good alternative to landfilling is clay purification. The stone is placed in a mixture of powdered clay and water, and then allowed to dry. Once the water has evaporated, simply rinse and remove the stone. It is a strong purification to be done once or twice a year depending on the frequency of use of the stone. Purification by symbols or formulas: All purification formula symbols can be used. One thinks in particular of the Reiki symbols, reputed to be very effective for the purification, or the visualization of the violet flame with the formulas that call it ("Beloved Master St Germain, gratify these hands with the purifying power of the violet flame, etc..."). Just keep in mind that these exercises are calls for energy that require the mobilization of our own vital energy. The purpose of lithotherapy is precisely to allow us to spare it, and it would be boring to lose the energy we have saved by raising the stones when it comes to purifying them. These techniques are in no way bad or ineffective, but I encourage you to prefer techniques that do not tire you in order to save this energy for tasks that cannot be done without it.

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