Branded trousers: find fashion designers’ models online


Branded trousers play a crucial role in style and fashion. They are professionally designed, giving a graceful look to the wearer. Today, women’s fashion has largely expanded, offering a variety of pant styles, from a morning jog, workwear trousers to a cocktail hour wear. With all the choices to pick from, most women prefer the comfortable and sophisticated styles. In this guide, we tell you how to wade through the variety.

Body Shape

For women, choosing the right pair of pants can be overwhelming, particularly because one has to pick ones that flatter, camouflage flaws and add a touch of versatility to the wardrobe. When picking the most perfect branded pants, focus on your body type. For the boyish shape, meaning tall and straight, go for high waist pants to highlight the midsection.

For a piece of accessory, you could add a flattering belt. With an apple or a pear shape, you want to go for the wide-legged pants to make your silhouette look elongated. If yours is a pear shape, keep off super-tapered pants and instead go for the low-rise style. With an apple shape, look for solid colours and an elastic waistband to camouflage your belly fat and flatter your figure. An hourglass should get a pair that accentuates a smaller waist, one that shows off the curves. That could mean skinny jeans or a beige jumpsuit with slim legs.

The Colour

The colour you choose for your pants can make or destroy the overall look. There are colours that look great on all body types than others. For instance, if you are looking for a professional look, choose black, blue and white trousers. These are among the most versatile and the most common because they blend well with a wide variety of accessories, shoes, tops and can also be worn to different occasions, both formal and informal. You could also choose tangerine, golden or peach.


There are many styles to choose from, including dress pants, casual and jeans. For instance, if you are looking to create a slim silhouette, dress pants will do the trick. When looking for a weekend casual, casual pants will give you the stylish elastic look you need. Jeans, on the other hand, are fashionable and comfortable.

The Material

Careful with the fabric you choose, because it will determine how well it will withstand active wear and laundering. For both winter and summer wear, look for good quality. You will mostly find professional trousers in synthetic fabrics and natural materials, including cotton and wool. These are great, in terms of breathability and comfort.

More so, they add a touch of class and style. With the most branded pants, you will find sustainable options, like organic cotton. For increased durability and stretch respectively, opt for polyester and Lycra as material extras. If you are more into physical activity, do not choose cotton, because it rips off easily. Instead, go for nylon, acetate, latex, rayon, and spandex. These are comfortable and do not need much washing or ironing. Remember, the material selected for the pants you purchase will determine how you look in them.

Expand your wardrobe with a variety of branded pants. The truth is, no woman’s closet can be complete without an extra piece of stylish trousers, including denim pants, beige jumpsuit, low-rise pants or straight leggings. To accessorize your look, match that up with a classy pair of shoes and the right jewellery. The right pair of trousers will make you pop and stand out in the crowd.

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