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is fashion very important

What we are carrying is our business card. Studies show that recruiters often decide whether to approve a candidate within the first 30 seconds of the interview.

Is fashion very important?

When you meet someone, the first thing they learn about you is what you look and smell like. Like it or not, we often tend to make assumptions about the personality of the individual we meet depending on what they wear as clothes and how they sent, you may find some tips according to perfumes on

What is the relationship between fashion and personality?

Fashion is an essential way to express your personality and let people know who you are. You can also change modes for different situations, as soon as you dress differently, you will certainly be perceived differently.

the relationship between fashion and personality

Creativity, self-esteem and self-identity

Express yourself through

fashionable accessories!

Fashion accessories, or how to give your clothes the detail that makes the difference: belts, hats, jewellery, scarves and other accessories are easily found on the market The latest it-bag, trendy glasses, trendy tights…: whatever the season and fashion trend of the moment, there is always one or more accessories to mix and match with your clothes and add to your wardrobe. To be at the forefront of fashion, the importance of accessories should never be underestimated. Whether it’s handbags, belts or natural stone jewellery similar to that of Minerals Kingdom for instance, there are plenty of accessories for women that can enhance any outfit with a touch of elegance and originality! The important thing is to know how to match them to your outfit, not to fall into overabundance or bad taste, and to let your creativity express itself!

Express yourself through fashion

Wedding outfits

For the queen of the day, there are several choices according to her morphology, style and preferences. Whether you want femininity, glamour, romance, simplicity, creativity, you will be well served! Find all the latest news on beauty treatments, hair, face, make-up… on

The dress remains an essential part of the wedding if it is not short. To ensure that your wedding dress is perfectly sublimated, try to choose the right accessories to match. Want to know all the latest beauty news? deciphers everything you shouldn’t miss!

Wedding dresses

Wedding costumes

Cocktail dresses

Wedding suits

Guests' clothing

Communicate with people sharing the same ideas

It’s so much fun to meet other people who like to shop and know the latest fashion trends. Yes, it’s one of the best ways to find new friends and feed your daily social life!

Why is asexual fashion so popular?

Borrowing fashion from the opposite sex is not a new principle, many fashion designers have opted for inventive packaging to create sexless collection since 2002, it is a concept that has really taken shape in recent seasons.

It must be said that there are countless examples where it is difficult to know if you were looking at a man or a woman on the runways of fashion shows. A few years ago, the asexual fashion show of the famous designer Rick Owens was revolutionary.

“I don’t understand why this generation thinks they invented gender fluidity,” says Owens, “They did it stronger, more blatant and braver in the 1970s and 16th century in Japan. “Its casting direction is adopted by major brands.

Former designer Yves Saint Laurent and Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, Stefano Pilati, unveiled an all-black collection of 17 pieces, sexless and seasonless, called “Random Identities”.

Fashion is having fun on our social network streams

Social networks have not only changed the game, but through their constant evolution, updates and advertisements, they rewrite the rules in real time. We take stock of this unusual journey.
From the moment the hands of the fashion collective got on their first smartphone, the previously impenetrable walls surrounding the industry completely collapsed. After the revolution led by the Internet and the incessant growth of downloads on social networks, there will certainly be no turning back, at least for the next few decades. “What do we want? Even more so! When do we want it? Now and always faster!” Today, among the vibrations and sound beeps, our flows struggle to satisfy these echoes while refined and/or newly launched platforms try to reinvent our interaction with fashion collectives and labels and compete for our attention.

Fashion, now a matter for Internet users

When we are caught up in the flow of 24/7 flows, it is difficult to imagine what fashion week looked like before social networks.