Ahegao Hoodie

Tips on how to dress up with an Ahegao Hoodie

Ahegao hoodie is one of the most practical and comfortable outfits you can have in your wardrobe because it’s smooth, soft, and machine washable. Check out how to wear it below. What is Ahegao? If you are unfamiliar with Hentai, a Japanese erotic animation, you perhaps don’t know Ahegao true meaning. Ahegao is regularly translated […]


Emerald: The world’s most popular green gem

When it comes to the jewelry world, colored gems are considered to be luxurious due to their unique characteristics. The three crown jewels are known to be sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Of the three crown jewels, the gem has a reputation for bringing about new beginnings and hope. It is considered to be the perfect […]


5 Tips to Be Zero-Waste

Many have come to regard the zero-waste lifestyle as a goal they aspire to. And yet, for most of us, the daunting task of leading a trash-free life seems somewhat unattainable. Fortunately, the most prominent figureheads of the zero-waste movement are edging away from the all-or-nothing mentality. They now acknowledge that millions of people adopting […]


Women fashion trends: discover the trendy summer outfits

When you must go shopping, you pick out Something that matches you and gives out the best description of yourself. At Brunello Cucinelli, they got the best women’s luxury and contemporary fashion that brings out the utmost beauty in you. At Cucinelli, you will find the latest women’s fashion from backpacks, heels, denim trousers, cotton […]


Branded trousers: find fashion designers’ models online

Branded trousers play a crucial role in style and fashion. They are professionally designed, giving a graceful look to the wearer. Today, women’s fashion has largely expanded, offering a variety of pant styles, from a morning jog, workwear trousers to a cocktail hour wear. With all the choices to pick from, most women prefer the […]

Lithotherapy and health stones an ancestral knowledge

Lithotherapy is the therapeutic application of the energy emitted by the stones. Stones have energetic powers that affect our body and mind. Check https://www.minerals-kingdom.com/ for more about lithotherapy. Ancestral knowledge The therapeutic use of gems is not new. Since the dawn of time, human beings have known how to use their powers to relieve countless […]

Choice and cleaning of healing stones in lithotherapy

It is good to remind you that the important thing is to open your heart to stones. Trust your intuition and feelings. Do not try to “reason” your choice. Perhaps you would like to own a stone that corresponds to your zodiac sign, but don’t limit yourself to this choice alone. Let your deep self-guide […]

The definition of lithotherapy

From the Greek lithos (stone), Lithotherapy is an alternative medicine that uses the energy of stones to rebalance and re-harmonize the body. It uses, among other things, seven areas of the body, called chakras, through which energy exchanges take place. As this discipline has no federation, the best way to approach it is to be […]

Lithotherapy: recharging techniques of natural stones

Perhaps you will not use these natural stones immediately. It doesn’t matter. It is sometimes necessary to tame energy, either because it is too strong in the immediate term, or because it awakens aspects of your being that are not necessarily easy to approach at the moment. Visit www.minerals-kingdom.com if you are interested in having […]